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Pryzmat has been on the market since 2004. Its founders are Mr Mariusz Kuczynski and Mr Tomasz Wroblewski We started up our Business with sales of all types of fuel materials which, up to now, are one of the main areas in our business operations. Subsequent years, focused on continued development of our Business, resulted in expanded activities, with new branches and trading venues. We have got our own extensive pool of machines, mechanical & electronic scales, as well as specialised vehicles, tailored to deliver fuels when and where it is requested by the Customer. Another advantage of our services is the possibility to purchase coal in bags, dispatched all over the country with the brand label of It is a very convenient way fuel purchase, transport and storage.

We are specialised in the following branches:

Sale of all fuel types, sale of fertilisers, sale of gas in bottles, sale of aggregate, purchase of secondary raw materials, transport services, handling services with loading machines and fork-lift trucks, central heating boilers.

Our Customers are ensured of our competitive prices and stable cooperation. We offer wholesale and retail trading.

Our assets, which differentiate us from our competitors, include:

  • competitive prices
  • high quality
  • quick response
  • hire purchase
  • card payment

We invite to cooperation


P.W. Pryzmat Mariusz Kuczyński
Nip 698-156-09-47 Regon 411548850

Kościan 64-000 ul. Młyńska 10
tel. 655 120 996 , 609 220 996



Pryzmat Śrem
63-100 ul. Wiejska 16
tel. 691 580 996

Pryzmat Jerka
64-010 ul. Kościańska 1
tel. 609 220 996


Pryzmat Śmigiel
64-030 ul. Elizy Orzeszkowej 7
tel. 667 609 996

Pryzmat Stare Bojanowo
64-030 ul. Szkolna 15
tel. 609 231 801


Pryzmat Stary Gołębin 3
tel. 663 815 977

Pryzmat Grodzisk Wlkp
62-065 ul. Nowotomyska 56
tel. 603 360 996
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